Fremont Pictograph, Escalante, Utah

Fremont Pictograph, Escalante, Utah


        How To Get To Bayview Zendo

**Be sure to check the "Availability" section of this website

for each month's schedule.**  

The lights at 328 Bayview St., San Rafael, should be on/turn-on when needed. Still, you might want to bring a flashlight the first time you come, just in case.

From 101: Take the Central San Rafael Exit:
                     Turn West on One-way 3rd Street
                     Turn Left on D Street
                     Turn Right at the second light onto Bayview St.
                     See below "When on Bayview St."

Over Wolfe Grade from Sir Francis Drake at Sloat Nursery:
                     Turn Left at first light onto Bayview St.
                     See below "When on Bayview St."

From West Marin on 2nd Street:
                      Turn Right at Arco Station onto D Street
                      Turn Right at next light onto Bayview St.
                      See below "When on Bayview St."

When on Bayview St.

Please park quietly on the second block of Bayview St., 
or quietly on Clark St., into which Bayview St. ends, 
or quietly on Marin St., the cross street you passed
      at the end of Bayview St.’s first block.

Walk carefully on the irregular sidewalks, to 328 Bayview St., our buff-colored home with blue window trim. 

Please note the specifics of these directions. Thanks.
Walk down the driveway, open and close the wrought-iron gate behind you, walk beneath the arch, and then follow the brick path, including 3 small steps, to Bayview Zendo at the far back of our property.


If you have further questions, please email Trout
or phone-or-text (text preferred) him at 415-419-6099.